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Participants completed the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, the Satisfaction with Life Scale, the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, the Shyness Scale, and the UCLA Loneliness Scale. The hypothesized model was tested using structural equation modeling and bootstrapping. Structural equation modeling results provide evidence of indirect effects of Facebook addiction on subjective …
Facebook addiction is a behavioral addiction derived from Internet addiction that is characterized by excessive, compulsive use of Facebook. Risk factors of Facebook addiction include narcissism, extraversion, neuroticism, and social insecurity.
The present study examined the mediating role of social safeness on the relationship between Facebook(®) use and life satisfaction. The participants were 370 university students (M age = 20.2 yr., SD = 1.0) who completed a questionnaire package that included the Bergen Facebook(®) Addiction Scale, the Social Safeness and Pleasure Scale, and the Life Satisfaction Scale.
Methods: We gave 75 students a paper-based packet including the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale to measure Facebook addiction and a delay discounting task to assess one facet of impulsivity, impulsive choice.
This study was conducted in order to analyze the relation between high school students’ Facebook addiction and loneliness levels. The study was conducted with the relational screening model. The sample of the study consists of 712 randomly selected high school students. The data was collected using the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS) to analyze the students’ Facebook …
Norway’s Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale ( MedicalWorldToday , May 2012) As reported here by MedicalWorldToday , the April 2012 issue of Psychological Reports features research in Norway by Dr. Cecilie Andraessen, utilizing the “Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale”.
six-item Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (Andreassen, Torsheim, Brunborg, & Pallesen, 2012) and the Facebook Intrusion Questionnaire (Elphinston & Noller, 2011).
Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (Andreassen et al., 2012) was developed to assess six core symptoms of addiction (Brown, 1993; Griffiths, 2005) as (1) salience, (2) mood modification, (3) tolerance, (4) withdrawal, (5) conflict, and (6) relapse.
The purpose of this study was to examine the extent of college students’ addiction in using Facebook, the extent of their study habits (time management, test-taking, note-taking, reading, and writing), and if significant relationship exists between the two. The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale
• Facebook addiction is a behavioral addiction derived from Internet addiction that is characterized by excessive, compulsive use of Facebook. • Risk factors of Facebook addiction include narcissism, extraversion, neuroti-
Equivalência semântica e confiabilidade da versão em português da Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria, Vol. 64, No. 1 Characteristics of Internet Addiction/Pathological Internet Use in U.S. University Students: A Qualitative-Method Investigation
Conclusion: Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale is able to measure reliably, and the scale is a valid and reliable tool to be employed in a clinical environment to predict addiction levels of individuals regarding Facebook use in the Turkish society as well.
1 title: portuguese validation of the bergen facebook addiction scale: an empirical study. running title: portuguese bergen facebook addiction scale.
three pairs of variables: the Bergen Facebook® Addiction Scale total scores and a communication subscale, r(127) = -.29, p <.01; the Bergen Facebook® Addiction Scale total
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Measuring Facebook addiction among adults: Validating the Bergen Facebook addiction scale in a non-student sample KATHY STEENACKERS, BRYAN CASSADY, MALAIKA BRENGMAN, KIM WILLEMS Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium Background and aims: The problem of Facebook addiction has received quite some attention in the past few years. Thus far, however, the prevalence and correlates of Facebook

Facebook Addiction An Emerging Problem American Journal
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Facebook Addiction Among Turkish College Students The
Get PDF (224 KB) Abstract. Previous research on Social Networking Sites (SNSs) addiction have suggest the need to improve assessment of this behavioral addiction. The present study aimed at validating a Portuguese version of the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS), a widely used instrument to assess addiction to Facebook. A study was conducted in a sample of 509 …
Andraessen, Tosheim, BrunBerg, and Pallesen (2012) developed the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS) based on Griffiths’ (2005) six addiction components. The scale was constructed and administered to 423 students together with several other standardized self-report scales (e.g., including measures that assessed personality, attitudes toward Facebook, the Addictive Tendencies Scale). …
have specifically examined excessive Facebook use such as the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale [9], the Facebook Addiction Scale [10], and the Facebook Intrusion Questionnaire [11], i.e., addiction to
validated Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale • Depression measured with the 4-item PROMIS short form • We used mediation analysis to examine the effects of SMU on depression, mediated by SMA, while controlling for 7 socio-demographic covariates INTRODUCTION
This study explored Facebook addiction among Turkish college students and its behavioral, demographic, and psychological health predictors. The Facebook Addiction Scale (FAS) was developed and its construct validity was assessed through factor analyses.
Introduction: This study examined the relationship between Facebook ‘addiction’ and impulsive decision-making. Impulsive decision-making, as measured by the delay discounting task, is associated with a number of addictions and other problem behaviors.
In addition, some of the measurement tools focus only on specific social media (e.g., Facebook; such as the Facebook Addiction Symptoms Scale , the Facebook Addiction Scale , the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale , and the Facebook Intrusion Questionnaire ).
Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) A New Challenge?
Because of this, a new psychological scale developed by Norwegian psychologists to measure Facebook addiction will be taken for granted. This novel measure is called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS), and it consists of 18
addiction, the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale. The use of Facebook has increased rapidly. We are dealing with a subdivision of Internet addiction connected to social media, Doctor of Psychology
study employed the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale to investigate Facebook addiction TUDYamong students. In this study, we selected a sample of 441 students in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as respondents. Results show that 47% of the participants were addicted to Facebook. This ratio is almost the same among postgraduate and undergraduate students, and interestingly, among …
Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale: Items and Intercorrelations of Ratings How often during the last year have you . . . Salience
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